Q&A: How do I fix my Drupal shopping cart?

Question by Confused: How do I fix my Drupal shopping cart?

I am trying to set up a website with an online store via Drupal e-commerce. Everything is working fine except the shopping cart. When I click “Add to Cart” for any item, one specific item is added to the shopping cart each time regardless of whether or not I actually added that particular item. I can add more than one of that same item, but I can not add any other items to the shopping cart.

It worked fine at one point when I had them sorted randomly, but the trouble was that it would allow me to add multiple items but it was not always the item on which I had clicked.

Does that make any sense?
Update – When I remove the one item that is added repeatedly, I get the following error message when I try to add anything else:

Unable to find the correct product based upon the variation combination.

There are no variations for any of the products, which are a mix of apparel and tangible items.

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Answer by Colanth
Trace what the code is doing when you add an item. You evidently have the item hard coded into the code, instead of picking it up from where the user clicked.

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