Q&A: If I have something in my “shopping cart”, can it be sold out?

Question by Breatheme is in bliss: If I have something in my “shopping cart”, can it be sold out?
I found something I liked on a website, and so I put it in the “shopping cart”, but I haven’t actually purchased it yet. Does that mean that even though I have it in my cart, it could sell out? It’s an on-sale item, by the way.

I’m sorry this question is so un-eloquent. : ) I really have zero clue when it comes to online shopping.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Answer by Misslily
yeah it can . i do that all the time i put my items on the side on my shopping cart and sometimes 2 days later im notified that my items has been sold.

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3 Comments on “Q&A: If I have something in my “shopping cart”, can it be sold out?

  1. yes.

    i ordered sweatpants and a crew neck from VS pink, and even though i ordered it, it didn’t get shipped to me, because they ran out before they got to my order, i guess! 🙁
    so they just refunded the credit card and i didn’t receive my items.

    so hurry up and buy it if you want it! but there is no guarantee they’ll get to you.

  2. Yes, it can. Putting it in your shopping cart does not put the item on hold. :/

  3. Yes, because the purchase will not be officialized. However, if you want to go ahead and reserve it, then try popping on into the store…or get your credit card swiping!

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