When it comes to SEO- what is the real meaning of spamming a web page? Please give example!

Please list a way for a webmaster to develop link building?

PersonA is hired to complete link building for personB and PersonC, which both own a site relating to real estate in Boston. Would their ranks be hurt if personA submits to same pages using same IP?

6 thoughts on “SEO: LInk Building & Spamming?

  1. spamming of your website when you can use of Black Hat Techniques.

    webmaster to develop link building:

    Through – Chat.
    – Mail ID
    – Forum Comment
    – Article Submission with using url
    – Directory Submission

    Rank hurt …..no

  2. If you make 1000 blogs and all point to a website it may be considered spam!
    Best way is to communicate with others and get links in exchange.

  3. chriswilson267 says:

    Link building the quick way (irresponsible spamming) using software such as referenced in the link below.

    Hardest way is to create link exchanges and takes many weeks to achieve.

    Use proxies if you plan to do it the easy way 😉

  4. Good analysis! I agree that SEO is not to be seen as something cheating the system’. It is there to aid search engines index, crawl and rank pages that would otherwise not be indexed properly or ranked. It is the aid of a human hand to the automated bot. Thus SEO is seen as something complementary to ebusiness.

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