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How can i evaluate my site in a best way?

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There are so several seo research tools are there go and google it.

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  1. Use Google Webmaster Tools. Track your website logs with log analysis software or install Google Analytics javascript code to all website pages.

  2. I always check my website history and analyze my site on . Just try this you will have better details of your website.

  3. go to googles keyword tool at then on the left you will see an area that says website content put your website URL in the box then click the circle and it will automatically tell you which keywords you should focus on . Also honestly on page SEO is important but not nearly as important as the links coming into your site . So if you have alot of links coming into your website that have a high page ranking and the content on the sites that contain your link are relevant to the content on your website then you will quickly be ranked so there is both on and off site SEO . The 3 quickest methods for links and SEO traffic are Press Release , Video , Forums and Articles I can show you that I won’t charge anything just visit my blog

  4. There are many free tools available to SEO site analysis. But what you want………..have you done seo then want to review & analysis your site or you have a site on which no seo work has been done intentionally. Google webmaster’s tool & Google analytics is two such great tools.

  5. There are a few things that you should know when you are looking to analyze your website.

    First understand if you have choosen the right keywords for your website. You can use various tools to do that.

    Once you have done this then see how your website is being optimized, in the sense if you have all the right ingredients in your site that co-relates with your keyword goal. I recommend to do this research.

    If you have completed this step, add statcounter and google analytics into your website and start monitoring the kind of traffic you are getting. If you can identify whats working, then you should analyze why it is working. Then mature to the step of whats not working and then when you know why other things are working you can make the non-working keywords to work.

    If you are doing Google Adwords, you can perfectly analyse what kind of keywords are most searched and their cost. You can understand the pattern of search from a consumer stand point and implement those things into your SEO campaign.


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