The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design (Essentials)

The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design is a special book—it will tell you all you need to know to design great web sites that are standards compliant, usable, and look great, but not overwhelm you with waffle, theory, and obscure details. It is designed to be invaluable to you, whatever stage you are at in your career, with a mixture of practical tutorials and reference material—beginners will quickly pick up the basics, while more experienced web designers and developers will

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5 thoughts on “The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design (Essentials) Reviews

  1. Review by John Woods for The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design (Essentials)
    The CSS and HTML Web Design book builds on the excellent earlier title by the same author. The new book is larger, it contains more examples; a lot of the examples are presented in a step-by-step manner. The new examples overall are trickier than old examples which, for better or worse, tended to gravitate towards the academic side of web design rather than real life requirements often imposed upon website builders.

    After general introductions, the main sections of this book consist of chapters dedicated to styling text, images, navigation, tables, page layouts, forms, and putting everything together when building complete websites. A special place in the book takes the chapter on dealing with browser quirks. This is a very important chapter that teaches how to deal with browser compatibility issues; it is especially relevant as some of the examples from other chapters do not work as expected in Internet Explorer versions 6 or earlier.

    At the core of this book are HTML/XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), but the author also takes dives into various web technologies such as mail form scripts, PHP, JavaScript, and even mentions Ruby On Rails. There is practically no information on ASP.NET, but the web design lessons from this book are applicable to any server technology.

    The book appendix contains handy references of most important XHTML and CSS elements and attributes, character encoding tables, web color guide, and information on browsers and recommended software.

    The CSS and HTML Web Design is an excellent title containing a wealth of information useful to website designers of any level.

  2. Review by artlmntl for The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design (Essentials)
    The author promises this book is different. I suppose it is, thanks to the author’s friendly and comprehensive approach to the material. This is a surprisingly complete guide for beginning and intermediate CSS designers with a lot of useful answers to practical design problems. For instance, many books discuss how to write a form, but this book tells you how to write a mail form, including the fact that the form won’t do anything without script support and where to find that support. It’s that level of detail that sets this book apart.

    As one would expect, the author begins with the basics, discussing CSS and its benefits. Then, he talks about typography and working with type before moving on to images. He even includes a brief discussion of color theory. He shows how to display random images using both JavaScript and PHP and provides an exhaustive discussion of links and navigation, including some discussion of accessibility. Of course, he discusses tables and the box model before moving on to forms and page testing. He has a coherent discussion of IE issues and using conditionals to call version-specific style sheets. He moves on to discuss creation of an online storefront and business websites, ending with useful XHTML, entities, and CSS references. The book is over 500 pages with many code examples.

    I’m sure there are advanced designers who don’t need this book; but for the beginner, this book is an excellent place to start. For the intermediate designer, this is a very good reference. I really like Stylin’ with CSS: A Designer’s Guide (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter) for the author’s presentation of information and the book’s attractive physical design; but if I am objective and fair, Craig Grannell’s “Essential Guide” is the better book. Grannell supplies more information in greater depth over the entire span of CSS design. So, beginning and intermediate designers who buy this book will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading.

  3. Einar Pall Svavarsson says:

    Review by Einar Pall Svavarsson for The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design (Essentials)
    Craig Grinnell’s book is excellent and helpful in any sense. If you want to really dive into CSS and HTML and how to structure a website according to standards this is the book to buy. The book is well organized; the text is smooth and the information valuable. This is a book I am relying on to enhance my ability to structure websites and it is working.

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