Web Design Index 9

The increasingly common use of fast-speed Internet connections over the past few years has considerably increased designers’ possibilities to use advanced capabilities, including larger image files. Furthermore, it is clear that web design is reaching its maturity: whereas in the past many designers were hesitant to make the change from print to web, many designers now primarily work in web design. The results of these developments can be seen in this year’s edition of our best-selling WEB DESIG

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5 thoughts on “Web Design Index 9 Reviews

  1. Review by SlowX for Web Design Index 9
    I dig this series.

    There are simply a TON of web ideas here in a relatively small, portable package. Some sites are not my taste, and they may not be built properly, but that’s not the point: It’s a great way to get a taste of what others have done online.

    For me, that’s great inspiration and fuel for MY designs, whether it’s HTML or Flash, built goodly or whatever. This is not a how-to book, but a great collection of what’s out there now (at the time of publication, of course). And, heck, if you don’t like what’s in here, maybe it’s a great how-NOT-to book. HA!

    The enclosed CD is great too, making it easy to see the sites online (or on a computer screen), and the background-color-based organization means the ideas you get won’t be will not be limited by content or purpose.

  2. Review by S. Chang for Web Design Index 9
    Web Design Index series are very unprofessional. Lots of poor designed sites are in the book. Don’t waste your money if you can just go online and google some sites.

  3. Tiffany France says:

    Review by Tiffany France for Web Design Index 9
    This book is great…though sometimes I wonder how they choose the sites they do because many of the site are unattractive or poorly coded…so that left me confused. However, the cd included is awesome. The cd shows previews of the site in a very easy to use format. I would buy it just for the cd. 🙂

  4. Review by KMM for Web Design Index 9
    I was deciding between this book and The Web Designer’s Idea Book. I completely made the wrong decision. I thought bigger and more expensive = better, but that is not the case. The examples presented in this book are very uninspiring, and like another commenter stated, don’t follow proper standards (think tables for formatting, no CSS, entire sites built using Flash and requiring Flash 10 to view them). I think the designs in the other book are much more intriguing. The screenshots of the sites in the book and even on the CD are too small and make it difficult to really get a good look at them. I really wish I could get my money back for this book; I am pretty sure within less than a year’s time it is going to end up in the trash bin. Don’t waste your money. Get the other book.

  5. Brad Simpson says:

    Review by Brad Simpson for Web Design Index 9
    The web sites in this book are less than inspiring. I don’t know what their criteria is for picking sites, but the bar must be pretty low. There are only a handful of sites in the book that I actually visited to get a better look at, and most sites look dated or just plain unprofessional. I expect “good” sites to have an attention to detail, good choice of fonts, color scheme, and layout, some integration of modern trends, etc., and 99% of these sites don’t make the cut.

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