Web Design Tips Iii

Building a web site can be complex yet simple all at the same time. There are many aspects that many designers and companies skip over during the process. Keeping in mind Search Engine Optimization and usability, crafting a web site should be a well thought-out and organized method.

CODANK Charlotte Web Design is here to provide companies with some of the essential web design tips that every web site should follow. Be sure to refer back to our first set of tips here.

CODANK Tips for Web Design

Browser Compatibility – All sites should be browser compatible. Your site’s look should be the same in Google Chrome as well as in Mozilla Firefox. It is wise not to stop designing a web site after you have found out that it looks marvelous on Internet Explorer. Consult with your designer to make sure that all HTML is correct for each browser.

Navigation – Create navigation on your web site that makes it easy for visitors to go through it. It is best to place all important links at accessible spots of the page – preferably right on top. Try to link as many pages of your web site as possible.

Comprehensible Font – Try to steer away from bright colors and font that may not be available on most computers – such as Comic Sans. The best professional fonts to stick with are Arial and Verdana.

Links – Make it a mandatory duty to check for broken links within your web site before loading it to your web server. In applications such as Dreamweaver you are able to check for broken links on any file.

If you design your web site by using the tips and suggestions from above, CODANK Charlotte Web Design guarantees that each one of your visitors will have a wonderful first impression of your web site.

About CODANK Charlotte Website Design and Markjeting Company CODANK is a top rated Web Design and Internet Marketing firm located in Charlotte, NC. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality, cost effective custom software development services, delivering a broad range of business consulting and outsourcing services. For more information, visit us at http://codank.com

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