web page design? anyone out-there who can direct me to the right “outsourcing” ?

real estate web design
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I need to make a real estate web page. It should be full of information –which I have: pictures, text, pdf documents etc. The property is to be marketed around the globe. I need to connect to a local and/or “outsource” for a competitive price and honest, decent work–he/she must know the field real estate etc. so a productive and responsive web site could ensue. Guide me in directing to the right sources–location is less important than honest delivery and marketing of the site. Thanks 2 all who share their expertise.

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  1. there are lots of web pages out-there… try finding a site that is almost identical as your… deals with the same thing. Good Luck.

  2. Hi,

    I would be glad to help. You can check out my portfolio at:. Contact me anytime at your convenience. Marketing your website can get quite expensive, but there are several means that you and I can use which are free.


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