website for premature babies?

Question by ♥: website for premature babies?
This is all the info my teacher gave us on how to make a website. We have to make one to help raise money for premature babies. i have no idea how to add a shopping cart, or banners and put them all on a website. can someone please help. and if u know a link where i can get ideas for this project, it would help a lot. thanx.

“”create a website to support funds on a service
“March of Dimes”
you walk and get money to save and help premature babies
you have to:
sell your products
design a website to raise funds
marketing concepts (banner ads)
your site should be built around a theme (website theme)
background put a charity box
navigational scheme- home, contact us, home page, form (questions) faqs make sure everything works.
graphics, multimedia, pictures of babies, interviews of premature babies with the problems they face
why are you using marketing concepts?
you can sell anything but it has to make money for march of dimes
shopping cart “”

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Answer by redlacca
Hmm… well, for starters… the website your teacher points you towards, is showing an uncorrect address. Try You will find it very user-friendly.

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