What About the Boise State Broncos?

Query by Paul S: What About the Boise State Broncos?
Many of you have been stating about and over again that Boise Condition does not are worthy of a shot at the BCS championship. You say their Schedule is “Weak” You say the huge schools perform tougher opponents. You say Boise Condition wouldn’t stand a opportunity. I will proceed to say what I have been expressing all alongside, that the huge colleges are Afraid to face BSU for fear that they will drop to us and spoil their possibilities at the country wide title that they (the massive monied universities) will not give us a opportunity at. You all have been declaring I’m incorrect.

AND THEN IT Transpired!!!!!

The University of Michigan loses to Who??!!! Appalachian Condition? Never even noticed of them!! But they knocked UofM out of the AP top rated 25 poll and proving the validity of my competition.
So I consult yet again, when will BSU get the respect it deserves? 5 Straight WAC titles and a Fiesta bowl win in the most thrilling school footbal sport ever played is nto ample? Oh Remember to.
Steve D do not be an idiot. Or did you not go through the part in which “I’ve been declaring all along” If you search at my requested issues in my profile you will see that. UofM’s loss to Appalachian State just took place though.

In reality, most of my asked inquiries have been about BSU. So its not a make a difference of waiting around 9 months to say some thing, Ive been declaring it for a yr now and now simply because of the drop from grace that UofM has experienced you can finally recognize what “I’ve been saying all along”
What are you smokin Beldin? Get actual! Oh please. Appalachian state may possibly do well in the WAC and vice versa, but I will not feel for a second that a single conference is THAT much different than yet another. The principal difference is the cash, and the members of the BCS are totally Established to keep the cash in their conferences. It pays for scholarships. It pays for Stadiums. It pays for equipment. It purchases most of the greatest higher college expertise obtainable. MOST. Not all. And THATS THE Stage! Its about the Benjamins. So BCS groups don’t, will not, routine game titles against BSU because they will eliminate Millions of dollars (over the training course of a time immediately after a loss) in earnings if they eliminate to BSU and gain Absolutely nothing. They have made the decision between their selves to maintain the funds and exclude the rest of university soccer.

Thats the Position. It is now a members only club, the club of BCS teams. The Excellent Ole Boys Club.

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  1. I agree with you. I am a Utah fan and the same thing happened a few years ago. Unfortunately the fall from grace has been huge, but the big schools are afraid of the supposed mid-majors. Nothing to gain in beating them, but a world of hurt to lose to them. Utah and Boise St. have done it the hard way. Go BSU, ride it as long as you can.

  2. Hell, everyone thought I was crazy when I took Boise +14.5 vs Louisville in that Bowl Game.

  3. remember how BC, VT and miami went to the acc, then some schools moved up to the big east from the c-usa? if the pac 10 ever goes to a championship game (big 10..er 11 is thinking of adding 1 more), then you can join the pac 10 and you’ll be a big boy and maybe play for a NC. otherwise you’ll have to just schedule all your non conference game against top 25 opponents, destroy them, and then pray for alot of upsets and 1-2 loss teams… you still have to get in the top 2 bcs standings regardless of your record..

  4. Put Appalachian State in the WAC and THEY’D win it every year. The WAC is a joke compared to any BCS conference.

    If you haven’t heard of Appalachian State prior to this, then you obviously don’t follow football closely enough.

    Your little rants are cute, but be satisfied to be a big fish in a little pond. Last time you made a trip to play a big school (read BCS) at their place, Georgia tore you a new a-hole in Athens (and history shows you got torn up in 2002 in Fayetteville, 2001 in Columbia and 1999 in Los Angeles at the hands of UCLA). Seems like the BCS schools won’t play Boise State because they’re tired of beating the crap out of you.

  5. I hope you get your wish…still ROFLMAO over that Michigan game…I’m a USC, Pitt and Penn State fan…but that was great…they need to find a way to make schedules more fair.

    Like every smaller school gets to take on # 20 to #25 and if they can bring in a win…go again.. IDK…something…

  6. Looking forward to that Boise State/ Wyoming game in a few weeks. UW smoked Virginia last week. I like BSU but Uw is my alma mater. Wish them well in all other games, except that one.

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