2 Comments on “What are the biggest problems facing web site design companies right now?

  1. the economy and the lack of companies willing to invest in their websites and upgrades. Websites are Crucial to a business’s success so there will always be a need for good websites, currently most businesses are channeling their dollars elsewhere.

  2. With the current economic climate the work that these companies do can potentially dry up. Since these companies will probably be working with larger clients rather then the smaller “ma & pa” companies.

    Larger companies are tightening their belt right now, so any smaller projects where these companies can save money will either be cut or not started at all. Larger companies can afford to cut smaller project (<3million) as they will be able to survive without them and it will let them save some money quickly. They can't afford to cut larger projects as the investments are too large to justify it.

    You can see how this puts web design companies that do projects worth less than millions into a bad position.

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