A family member has a web design business but their current computer is out of date. I would like to get them a new computer but not sure what brand to go with. So I would like to know which is the best brand to buy?

8 thoughts on “What is the best brand of computer to do web design?

  1. Brand doesn’t really matter that much. The only thing that one brand has over the other is support, otherwise, they are all using the same components. As far as support goes, they’ve all gotten bad over the years and one isn’t really any better than the other. If it were me, I would probably go with either HP or Dell.

  2. I would also agree that the the make doesn’t matter that much. I live in Namibia, so I can’t comment on support. I enjoy working on an HP, but I certainly wouldn’t say that it is the only one that is good.

    But the point that I wanted to make is that for web design almost any decent computer is fine. A lot of the work of a web designer is done on with small graphics and plain text. Unless they are doing a lot of video stuff, they don’t really need a very fancy computer.

  3. Dell is low quality (Inspiron) or overpriced (everything else).

    HP makes Inspiron look good, as far as quality goes. (It’s got a good – but totally undeserved for the last 5 years – name.) And HP’s tech support makes a stone look super intelligent.

    Gateway has been coming out with some good computers recently. So has ASUS.

    Website creation is two things. Text files – which doesn’t need much of a computer. (My 17 year old laptop can create web pages.) And Graphics, which really doesn’t require much computing power.

    Get something that will last a while – dual or quad core CPU running 2.6GHz or more, at least 4GB of RAM with room for expansion to at least 8 (16 would be better, and it doesn’t cost more if it has 4GB to start), 500GB of hard drive or more. You can get a decent ASUS that exceeds those specs for under $500. I know, I own one (the CM5700.) The front of the case is a bit … let’s say flimsy to be nice. But it’s a solid computer, and will be for quite a few years.

  4. PC type and brand has no bearing what-so-ever on designing a website. If you want to ask a more helpful question try:
    What website designer software do you suggest?

    I am just gonna go ahead and say Macromedia DreamWeaver. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.

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