Question by bioforcer: What is the best motorcycle maintenance and repair book?
I read on some website, that “the essential guide to motorcycle maintenance” by Zimmerman was good, but don’t know if it’s good for beginners…
I would greatly appreciate if someone could advice a book with lots of photos or illustrations and detailed explanations..


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Answer by bill b
Haynes is pretty good,but if you want the best go to your dealer and buy a shop manual.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best motorcycle maintenance and repair book?

  1. i use both Haynes and Clymer manuals together, due to both manuals presuming you know what your looking at but the both cover different area’s so both together you tend to get the full picture!!!

  2. Motorcycles, Fundamentals, Service, Repair.
    Its about $50.00 US but I’m sure you could find one on Amazon
    It has some info on the CB/CM400/450 ( I was brough here from one of your other questions)

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