4 Comments on “What is the Best Web Design Professional Program?

  1. Adobe dreamweaver and Flash! Along with photoshop and illustrator! need more info go to adobe.com to learn more


  2. This similar to asking what is the best shoe. The answer is the one that fits the best. There are several web design programs that are all great tools, depending on the level or type of design you are looking to do. Also, are you considering design/development the same thing, or are you looking for the graphic design aspect of web development?

    Design software would be Illustrator by far the best to produce good vector mock ups of website designs.

    Development wise there are several. Aptana, Zend IDE, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver and Java Studio Creator 2. Each of these have pros and cons and are best associated with certain technologies. (ASP, JSP, PHP).

    So, determine what you need, and apply it to what you know and then you should find the one that works the best.

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