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  1. http://www.squidoo.com/TropicalAquariumCare

    The proper nutrition and feeding of tropical fish is one of the most important factors in keeping your pet fish healthy. Choosing the right food for your tropical fish is very important, a high quality flake food made specifically for the species you own is the best choice.

    A properly balanced diet will ensure optimum health, hardiness and brilliant colors. Feeding the correct amount of food is also important to the health of your fish, one of the most common errors new aquarium owners make is overfeeding.

    Maintaining water quality is one of the most vital tasks for the long term health of your tropical fish. Regular water changes will ensure that the tank stays clean and clear. Water should be changed at least every 2 weeks, once a week is even better and will make cleanings an easier job.

    It’s not necessary to change all off the water in the tank, usually about 20 to 25 percent of the aquariums total water volume will suffice. This is also a good time to vacuum the gravel and clean off any algae that has accumulated on the glass.

    Most aquarium disease can be avoided by making sure your aquarium water is healthy, fish are just as vulnerable to disease as any other organism. If you suspect that one of your fish is diseased it’s imperative to properly diagnose the illness before you use any medication on your tank.

    A couple of the most common tropical fish diseases are:

    Ich: Ich can be identified by the small white spots on the fins and body of the fish that look like the fish has salt all over it. Ich often comes about due to poor water conditions, fortunately most pet stores carry the medication needed to treat this disease.

    Ammonia Poisoning: Ammonia poisoning can happen when a filter fails, if too many fish are introduced at one time, or due to the loss of beneficial bacteria colonies. Symptoms include red or inflamed looking gills, and the fish will likely be near the surface gasping for air.

    Chemical neutralization of the ammonia and a 50% water change should be the first steps in treating ammonia poisoning. Constant testing and stepped up water changes will bring the tank back to normal conditions.

    Getting your self familiar with the proper environments for tropical fish is the first step in creating a long lasting aquarium. Finding a specialty aquarium store in your area, with a knowledgeable staff and professional advice can be a valuable resource.

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