What website has a lot of cool, FREE html codes (for websites), or are you good at html writing?

Question by Art-tastic123: What website has a lot of cool, FREE html codes (for websites), or are you good at html writing?
Don’t say WidgetBox, because I want some cool HTML codes–that don’t say “made by…”. I am making a website and I need some cool html codes for:
– clock
– comment box (where everyone can read the comments, but I can manage them…)
– I also need help with setting up a shopping cart, how do I get items to have their own buttons that add the product to the shopping cart (like the “buy now” button, and the “review cart” page).

Please help!!! Could someone either give me some really good (100 % FREE) websites with TONS of cool/neat html codes OR (if you are good at writing html’s) could you give me your email so I could ask some questions???


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Answer by needanid00
Here are some of my favs. It may not be much, but capture as much as you can. poqbum has some really cool flash clocks check. If your grabbing html codes that somehow says “made by” you can leave the html code off. But it may not be very nice to not to give the maker credit for the code.

As to the shopping cart, yahoo has a very nice store webpage that you can set up. You will have to spend a small amount of money, but check it out anyways. This will let you have more time to concentrate on what you really want to do with your page rather then building it.

Whats included with yahoo small business webpage

Good Luck.




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2 Comments on “What website has a lot of cool, FREE html codes (for websites), or are you good at html writing?

  1. I can write the clock feature for you free of charge, no advertisement, no intellectual property concerns.
    I’m willing to write the shopping cart feature totally free of charge and conditions also.

    But let me explain to you the criteria you must meet and accept which is a technical problem. The shopping cart must remember the preferences and selected items/products of the user/client. It can be done in two ways or both. The browser can persist this information into the client’s cache or it can be cached on the webserver computer.
    In the case of persisting data in the client’s computer, you don’t need to write serverside scripts. html alone will do, but javascript is required which most users will have anyway.
    In case you want any browser to be able to have shopping cart feature, you need serverside script.

    If you don’t understand what i said then forget about me doing this for you. But if you do, then outline what you have in mind in details, then i can get started.

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