Currently I am paying COLOR- 3BLOCKS FOR $88.99

anyone know where to get them for less money?
i meant 8550
please provide a direct link. i don’t know anything about printers 🙁

2 thoughts on “What website is it cheapest to order Solid Ink Blocks and a Maintenance Kit for the Xerox Phaser 8500?

  1. How much cheaper does it need to be????


    $149 for the extended maintenance kit is certainly reasonable, especially if it’s Xerox OEM.

    You might save a few bucks with a compatible kit but it’s quite likely going to be easier for you to buy it from the same place that sells the ink sticks. At least that way you’ll save on some shipping costs.

  2. or are both good places to go.

    For Maintenance Kits stick with the original Xerox Brand. Watch out for shipping prices though.

    Also, according to your printer (Phaser 8500) will not take the extended capacity kit, only the standard.

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