What’s the best kind of boat to have for fishing around the Boise area?

Big G asked:

I am not new to boating but I am new to the Boise area, I like all kinds of fishing but have have yet to discover what is most popular. I have been to Boise several times and have noticed the boat dealers tend to have a lot of boats with a hard canopy which I assume is for river boating? Don’t know. I appreciate your comments/answers!

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  1. There are two ways to go. Large jet boats are popular, because the work well in the rivers and can be used for steelheading and duck hunting on the snake. Once big issue is the huge cost of these boats, but if you have the cash, check out the duckworths on Chinden.

    The other option is to go small, and get something aluminum, preferably something you can launch by hand. This gives you access to many places others cannot go since there are many nice lakes with lousy/no ramps. I did a ton of fishing and hunting with a canoe, even on the snake in January.

    If I was getting something there, I would get a 14-16 foot lund V hull, in the simplest lightest model they had, with tiller steer, and a high transom. See if you can find an older 2 stroke yamaha jet outboard. If you can’t get the lightest 20-30 hp you can find. I would prefer a 2 stroke, as they are so much lighter if you have to launch by hand.

    Fiberglass boats not not preferred, as they are heavy, and also brittle if you hit something.

    Get a trailer with big tires and a good suspension, since the roads are generally crap and will shake your boat to pieces.

  2. I found a nice list of boat dealers. I bet someone in your hometown can help assist you. Just phone one of them or drop by one day when you are not busy. Many dealers can even arrange a test drive.

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