7 Comments on “Where can I sell my link building service? I am looking for SEO work.?

  1. You can offer your services on webmaster web sites, most have to develop a reputation with a post history and free/discounted samples with the promise of reviews. Competition may be remarkably cheap crews.

  2. Use DP and other forums , also you can take help from your references.
    Their are a lot of other freelance websites where you can bid and start working

    Best of Luck


  3. I have a content development and organic seo company and I get a lot of business from SEOmoz.org just by interacting in the forums on the site. Also, it may sound silly, but posting ads on Craigslist can generate some viable leads, too. This is especially true if you are just starting out. Another thing you could do is look for web design firms and content writing firms that are local to you. Email them and propose they partner with you (many need link building assistance).

    Amber Khan
    Founder, http://www.StarContentWriters.com

  4. Just by posting here that you are good, does not makes you any better. You need to prove yourself with the results.

    The best way to get a work is to upload your profile @ freelance websites like elance,odesk.com.
    Create a nice and professional profile and hope to get a work

    best of luck

  5. Sure, if you’re good at seo you could get many jobs which are outsourced by many companies from around the world. You get better information and link to apply for jobs and work online or off-line as you like. Check here for the information I hope you’e like.


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