2 Comments on “Where is a good place to spend the nite between San Francisco, and Boise?

  1. By “taking your time” to get from SFO to Boise do you mean that you are willing to take more than two days to get to Boise? If you are looking for a two-day, one-night trip then Winnemucca, NV is about halfway between the two but good luck finding a three-star or above hotel. If you are willing to make it a longer trip you could travel up the Pacific Ocean and stay along the Oregon coast on the first night. LOTS of beautiful places to stay and watch the ocean, etc. You could then cruise up to Portland where you can find plenty of great hotels. I always stay at the Westin in Downtown Portland. You could then drive over to Boise from there but that would be a two-night, three-day trip.

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