why do people use “an SEO” instead of “a SEO”?

Question by Araks: why do people use “an SEO” instead of “a SEO”?

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Answer by Ed Atun
It is proper English. The “S” is treated as being “es” instead of a hard S.

You would say .. A boat, A car, A dog
An apple, An onion, An estimate

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  1. I agree with Ed completely.

    And additionally I’d say it’s because the acromim “SEO” has become a title of it’s own in the online marketing world. So while “a Search Engine Optimization expert” might be more literate than “an Search Engine Optimization expert”, once you change the title to just “SEO” instead of “Search Engine Optimization” you need to rearrange how it is phrased in English.

    My 1.95 cents worth anyhow 🙂

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