Why do so few of the experts at “physics911” have advanced degrees in engineering or physics?

Problem by nine/11Debunker: Why do so few of the experts at “physics911” have advanced degrees in engineering or physics?
Members (very last up to date 2007-04-24)

Michael M. Andregg
St. Paul, MN, USA PhD U California Davis
Intelligence Affairs
Robert Ballan
Norwood, NY, USA MSc & JD: Clarkson College
Chemistry & Legislation
Kevin Barrett
Lone Rock WI, USA PhD U of Wisconsin
Islamic Reports
William A. Christison
Santa Fe, NM, USA BA, Princeton College
Central Intelligence Company (ret.)
Walter Davis
Kent, OH, USA PhD: U of Connecticut
A. K. Dewdney
London, Canada PhD: U of Waterloo
Derrick Grimmer
Ames, IA, USA PhD: Washington University
Joel Harel
Laguna Hills, CA, USA HBS U. of Edinburgh.
Aeronautical Engineer and Skilled Pilot
David Heller
Berkeley, CA, USA BS: Physics Bard School
MA: S. F. Inst. Archit
Architect and Builder
Annie Higgins
Gainesville, FL, USA PhD College of Chicago
Arabic Language & Literature
Timothy P. Howell
Upsala, Sweden PhD: U. of Edinburgh
Pc Science
Steven E. Jones
Provo, Utah, USA PhD: Vanderbilt University
Physicist, Brigham Young U.
Peter J. Kirsch
Western Cape, South Africa MD: University of Witwatersrand
Forensic Pathology
Karen Kwiatkowski
Mt. Jackson, VA, USA PhD Catholic College
Lieut. Col. USAF (ret.)
Jerry Longspaugh
Fort Well worth, TX, USA MSc: Brooklyn Polytechnic
Aerospace Engineer
Brad Mayeaux
Kenner, LA, USA Electr. &Tech. Inst. of New Orleans
Cellphone Engineer
George F. Nelson
Huntsville, AL, USA FAA A&P Licence
US Airforce Colonel (ret.)
Ralph W. Omholt
Kirkland, WA, USA AAPP College of Alaska
Expert Airline Pilot
Kevin Ryan
Bloomington, IN, USA BSc Indiana College
ASQ Licensed High quality Engineer
David Shayler
Eastbourne, Excellent Britain Hon MA Lit. & Linguistics
MI5 (previous)
Helen Stace
Perth, Australia PhD: U of Sydney
Don Trent (4 Arrows) Jacobs
Sequim, WA, USA Ed. D. Boise Condition University
Professor, Fielding Graduate U
Bernard Windham
Tallahassee, FL, USA MS Florida Condition
MS Louisiana Condition
Russ Wittenberg
Carefree, AZ, USA BBA U. of Miami FL
US Airforce Capt. (ret)
Captain for PAA & UAL

Affiliate Members

Karin Brothers
Toronto, Canada MS Georgia Condition
Educational Layout Techniques Engineer
John DiNardo
Towaco, NJ, USA BA: Kean College
Science Training
Donald Eckhoff
Morgan Hill CA, USA Drexel Institute of Technological innovation
Engineer & maker
Kenyon Gibson
London, England USC @ Santa Barbara
US Naval Intelligence
Jesse Hemingway
Al Cahon, CA, USA BBA Country wide University
(frmr.) USN Operations Professional
Phil Jayhan
Chicago, IL, USA Barrington Large
Technician and Webmaster
Frank Levi
Dromara, N. Ireland BSc (Hons) Queens College of Belfast
IT Supervisor
Don Paul
San Francisco, CA, USA Stegner Fellow: Stanford College
Martha Rush
Auburn Hills, MI, USA Oxford High College
Accredited Respiratory Therapist & Non-public Pilot
Sofia Shafquat
San Diego, CA, USA BA Brown College
Producer and Author
Jonah Winters
Vancouver, BC, Canada MA: U of Toronto, Islamic Studies
Internet Designer
Guitar Gentleman & Safe… I’m sorry, based on your reaction I should have touched a nerve.

Very best response:

Response by suthrnlyts2004
As the previous stating goes.. “If you can’t do it, instruct it.”

They need to all be fired.

Give your response to this question beneath!

5 Comments on “Why do so few of the experts at “physics911” have advanced degrees in engineering or physics?

  1. Well, if they actually knew what they were talking about, it would not satisfy the CTs. This is for the lunatic fringe to use as a source. Only for those who don’t want facts to spoil their fantasies.

  2. why should they also for $ 150 and search the Internet I can get a degree in anything with a transcript….our resident conspiracy psycho’s then would flock to me as I prove 9/11 was committed by moveon.org…..Hey If i post it on the Internet its true……is school out, for the conspiracy posts are on Y/A now

  3. why would you, or anyone, care?

    maybe, if no-one looked, they’d get a real job.

    (oh, sorry, i expect too much 🙁

  4. Because you do not even need a science degree to perform some of the tasks involved in studying the “physics of 911.” You need web designers and account and other miscellaneous staff. You need non-PhD’s to handle the computing and development the equipment/techniques for data acquisition. Also, a degree is just a piece of paper. It does not limit you to a particular field. Someone who studies biology can turn and study Physics.

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