Why won’t top NCAA Division 1 Teams play at Boise State Broncos Home Stadium?

Query by A. Jackson: Why will not likely top rated NCAA Division one Groups perform at Boise State Broncos House Stadium?
Would not you like Oklahoma, USC, Florida, Tennessee, LSU and even Texas to play at Broncos Stadium.

Would not you like to see if they could pull off a win there?

Do you think any of these groups would get there, and if so, what would be final score.

And what would be the ultimate rating if these teams misplaced?

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9 Comments on “Why won’t top NCAA Division 1 Teams play at Boise State Broncos Home Stadium?

  1. Please show me the evidence that any top D1 football program turned down the opporutnity to play Boise State.

    As to not playing in Boise, what top D1 program bothers to play at a 30,000 seat stadium when they can fill 70,000-110,000 seats at home? Both teams make more money that way if Boise plays at the bigger stadium.

  2. First of all. A team like Boise St. is going to have to go to them. Powerhouse programs call the shots.

  3. 1 its a small facility and a home and home series does not accomodate well. #2 Stadium is not the only consideration, the ability of the local community to accommodate visiting fans (Few hotels and venues for visitors). #3 the tv set up for the stadium is a b.1.tch . #4 the Gimmicky field, although most of those visiting teams would win, nobody wants to risk the chance of possibly losing or playing a ugly game on a memorable stage. #5 while Boise St has been good over the past 5 years, they don’t have a long term tradition of winning, therefore there is no enticement to play them. If the pull together a few more years of 10+ win seasons, you will begin to see a few of the bigger names play there.

    P.S.: UCLA cancelled a home and home with Boise St about 12 years ago, when they crushed BSU down here in L.A.. They just were not at the same level.

  4. Most of these answers are bad, teams turn them down for two reasons…..1. Money, 30,000 seats to 75,000 seats 2. BSU is 67-2 in the regular season on the Blue, and whoever said Georgia did is lying Georgia had to play the Broncos at home in Georgia. Teams don’t whant to risk a loss to a non-BCS team. And when we were scheduling this year we asked USC if they wanted to do a 1-1 where they play here we play there, and they said NO, they wanted to play Ohio State insted.

  5. We like to play on something that at least looks like grass not water.

    Enough Said!


  6. Ugly åss blue turf.
    Cold as hell.

    Any of the teams you mentioned would wipe the field with them, but who wants to go to Idaho and play?

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