I am a recent college graduate with a major in internet web design. I consider myself an intermediate level developer, but I just don’t know where to start with a portfolio! Every time I apply for a job, I get kicked to the curb by more advanced people with great portfolios. And how do I get one going if I don’t have one in the first place? Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “How do I develop a compelling Web Design portfolio from scratch? Or do I get a job to get the portfolio going?

  1. Start building sites for people you know personally. You’re right that it’s a chicken and egg problem, and unless you can convince a potential employer about your design skills, they’ll probably want to look at the work you’ve done.

    Another way is to prepare mock-up designs. While these may not be “live” sites, they will still be reflective of your design sense and skill level.

  2. Try doing some pro bono work for some organizations around your local community. They’ll be a pain to get through, but a good way to get your portfolio going. Same with family and friends or market to small local businesses. You could also create websites for yourself about things you like and/or hobbies.

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